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Kim Quick, Dating & Relationship Expert/Speaker, creator of Forever Love Formula and creator of Get Ready for Love Online Course.   Kim is professionally trained and certified as a Dating and Relationship Coach and Performance Coach and graduate of Landmark Education Team Management Leadership Course.  She too was a member of the successful single woman club over 40 and wondered if she be alone for the rest of her life.And with another relationship not working out and a moment of “ dark soul of the night”,  she made a commitment that she would do whatever it takes to find the love she deserved, including loving herself.  And through this quest, she broke the “Love Code” and got married to an amazing man at 51 and created the “Forever Love Formula”.   The Forever Love Formula is a simple system that will fast track you to having forever love with an amazing man.   Not only has Kim had success with this system, she has helped woman and men across the country have success in having love.

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Success Stories

I tried online dating before and it did not work out.  I hardly met any men, let alone good ones.  After working with Kim for 3 months I accomplished so much and met a great man that I am currently dating.   Kim really transforms your life – I am so much more productive, sleep better, calmer, smile more, and learned the ins and outs of online dating, about men and how to be in my feminine.   I really thought I would never meet the one online, but working with Kim, she has been a life saver.

Larisa - Dallas, TX

I attended one of Kim’s presentations, and I immediately knew I wanted to work with her because I did not want to repeat another relationship not working out.  I can’t thank her enough for the way in which she has opened my eyes over these last 3 months. I have accomplished so much!  I learned all the ins and outs of dating including doing online dating,  flirting, understanding men and more importantly how to have fun and enjoy my life.  And learning about being feminine had such an impact on me. I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t tapping into it until I worked with Kim.   For the first time in my life I am really starting to get it. Especially what I guy needs from us.     Kim is the real deal and worth every penny!   Update – I am currently in a wonderful relationship with a great man I met on and he treats me like a Queen.  It is the best relationship I have ever been in.

Debra - Newport Beach, CA

I participated in Kim’s Get Ready for Love 6 week series course because I was not meeting quality men. Working through her steps, I started to date a great man I met online and with her support worked through some areas I was having fears of and speaking my truth. I learned how I can communicate with a man in a soft and confident way to get my needs met. There were times I wanted to just walk away and not deal with issues in the relationship, but I followed Kim’s advice and gained confidence and still in this relationship with this very man and enjoying our time together. Renee


Online Dating Success! I tried online dating and did not get any dates or many replies. I followed Kim’s Forever Love system in helping define what type of man I wanted, get great pics up; and helped with the “rules” of the game, like what to say on first and second and following emails; how to get to that first phone call, and how to handle the first date. And I am now in an exclusive relationship. She really laid the groundwork and foundation for my success. And I tell all my friends about her as well because I was so impressed with her program. I couldn’t have gotten to this point without her and she was definitely a key factor to my success. Marla M.


This testimonial is a video of Stephanie used my Forever Love Formula tools and she is now in a relationship in Love.
Click on the link below to listen to this amazing video.

Stephanie’s Results with Forever Love Formula

Stephanie Paul
Founder, CEO & Director of Training and Development / Advance Your

Kim has great tools! She empowered me to speak my truth and create more fulfilling relationships with my business partner, husband, and new friends. With her time management skills I was able to pursue my PHD, write my second book, start walking again, and have more peace and empowerment in running my business. I also have more confidence in speaking at my conferences. Rebecca

Rebecca Cooper
Business Owner

“I attended the Professional Women United lunch and learn where Kim presented on Accessing Your Authentic Strengths. Kim is an engaging speaker who is able to keep the attention of a room full of women. She was well-prepared and her presentation was packed with useful and practical information. Well done with lots of aha moments.”

Krisztina Quick
Lung Force / Statewide Development Director

I became a client of Kim’s in an effort to find my perfect mate. I’d been online dating for sometime and wasn’t sure why I kept dating the same type of man over and over without success. In working with Kim I was able to uncover some issues that were truly holding me back. I was amazed to see how the growth in my dating life actually helped strengthen all areas of my life not just my dating life. While still single the quality of men I’m dating has greatly improved and it’s only a matter of time until I find him. My work with Kim has been instrumental in my growth and it’s been a true blessing working with Kim.

Dana Hooker
Network Manager

I first came to Kim to have a better relationship with my boyfriend. Well, not only did I get that, at the time in my current job I received a raise, and was looking for another job and received the dream one, starting working out and lost weight, took up dance classes that I always wanted to do, saved money, went to Hawaii on vacation, deeper intimacy with my boyfriend, and a renewed excitement and energy in my life. Kim is a powerful coach where you feel safe to be yourself and explore areas to have breakthroughs. And boy do you produce results.

Winne Szu
Senior Executive Recruiter

I came to Kim for relationships and discovered how to understand and communicate with my husband better. Kim helped me understand my dynamics in the relationship and how to shift things for a more peaceful and loving relationship. I really like her no nonsense approach but very patient and kind. She really helped me implement positive changes. What was most helpful in working with Kim was she really help me dissect my day, weeks, and months which help me feel less stress, more focus, and productive. She also helped me acknowledge and celebrated my successes with me, which is something I didn’t do very often in the past. I redesigned myself and my life and feel less stress with her awesome tools that she has in her back pocket. As a result of Kim’s coaching, I had more momentum in my business, I developed a program for my business and enrolled 3 new clients, and was able to write an article that was published!

Thuy Tran
Business Coach

Kim provided me with huge growth in all areas of my life. I don’t know where I would be without her. I came to Kim for work and did not know I was going to get an Alison over hall! I increased my business, created more intimacy with my husband, spent more quality time with my kids, lost weight, sent out Christmas card for the first time in 6 years, but most importantly really connecting to my authentic self to what is important to me and for the first time really seeing myself as an inspiring leader with more confidence and overall having more peaceful in my life.

Allison Wortman
owner / Baby Boot Camp & Juice Plus Rep

Earlier this year I realized that despite trying to convince myself otherwise, I desperately wanted to create a loving, committed relationship. I didn’t want to stumble down the same old, well-trodden paths that would only lead me to more unfulfilling relationships, so I decided to call Kim for support. In her calm, grounded way she helped me explore what I truly want in a partner, but more importantly, she helped me explore who I want to be as a woman.


Jaime Becktal