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Red Flags to Determine a Man is Relationship Material

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Wen you meet someone you like, it’s normal to turn a blind eye to certain things, especially if you’re really into them.He is checking a lot of the boxes - attractive, financial stable, chemistry, and he is a nice guy.​​You have on the googly eye googles..​​   ?   It seems this could be the one..but wait...Is He really [...]

How to Trust Again After a Heartbreak

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It takes staggering courage and vulnerability to open yourself to love.A love with a special man with a deep connection and chemistry. It can feel like you are walking on clouds, bliss, and nothing can compare to the feeling.  It is a love like you have never known before.And out of nowhere it ends. You are blindsided.  Either he betrayed [...]

Best Questions in Dating

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Questions to Ask About Personal Growth: You can also download a word version here:  Questions to ask in dating What have you learned about yourself in the past 5 years and how has it changed you? What have you learned about your past relationships and what would you do differently now? What do you think your strengths [...]

Signs That A Man Will Be Your Hero

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I wanted to share this story with you as I feel it is important in finding last love with the right man. Last week I was running around and doing errands (ya know when you are on a mission to get things done, right?) Well, I was multi-tasking and not paying attention and left the gas [...]

Are You Ready to Claim What is Yours?

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How ya doing? I know the week of Valentine's Day can be an energy drain. Even if you're happy and fulfilled in other areas of your life, this day can have you feel sad or down with not having a romantic partner in your life.  It can be so glaring than any other time of the [...]

Am I Being Too Picky?

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Have your friends or family stated "I think you are being too picky?" Or maybe you thought this to yourself. You might have read some books saying "lower your standards." I beg to differ. And let me be very clear... You want to have high standards and you need to have high standards to have an [...]

Get Rid of Self Doubt

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Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Everybody feels FEAR and anxiety... especially when you have been single for a long time or had a cycle of bad relationships and you are out there dating.Many of my clients start out with the same paralyzing FEAR… They’re smart and successful women and want to be in a relationship with [...]

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