Create Everlasting Love with the “One” 

with Online Dating


  • Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with online dating?

  • Does it seem like there are no good men out there?

  • You are new to “dating” online world and don’t know where to start.

  • You don’t hear from those “quality men” that you would really like.

  • Maybe you don’t get any responses at all.

  • And the dating pool of good men with online dating seem next to nothing.

  • And you know other people met their significant other online,  so you know it can work but are wondering why it is not happening for you.

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Client Happiness

First I want to say your audios are phenomenal.  I was truly at a loss at how to even approach the online dating thing. Not any more.  I love how you are so practical and have the entire process broken down into a step by step process.

Your program has given me the confidence and knowledge to know I CAN go back online and be successful!

Your approach to writing the dating profile – BRILLIANT!  And the example you give in the workbook is priceless!  It was so much easier having that framework with which to build a profile.

You’ve done such a great job covering all the bases.  I know this from doing my research.  I’ve read book after book and even attended those “free” online workshops about online dating.  Nobody comes close to your audio’s and workbook or walking someone through the actual process from start to finish.

I am so grateful that I found your work at the perfect time.   Melinda England

I went from zero responses with online dating to dating quality men once a week

Online Dating Success!

Online Dating Success!

and then being in an exclusive relationship with Kim’s techniques.  

She helped me write a better profile, define what type of man I wanted, how to have nice pics, rules of

the game, and what to say on the first and second emails, how to get the first phone call and how to handle the first date.

She really laid the groundwork and foundation for my success.   I tell all my friends about her because I was so impressed with her program.   I couldn’t have gotten to this point without her and she was definitely a key factor to my success.  Marla M.

The Step by Step Formula to Date Desirable Men Online will provide:

  • How to stop wasting your time having the wrong dates, and start having the right dates.

  • How to be the in the top dating pool with online dating, and stop being invisible.

  • How to write a magnetic and appealing profile, username, and header to attract men that your desire.

  • How to go from emails, to phone calls, to having that date with a quality man and have fun dating.

  • How to optimize your success with online dating, stop wasting your time, and enjoy your time dating great men leading to meeting the one.


Session 1-  Feel Empowered and Create an Enticing Profile, User Name and Pictures   

Do you say this?  “There’s no one worth dating where I live,” “All of the good ones are taken,” and “Who would want me?”  “I am too old”  “Or I am afraid” – This way of thinking will have you set you up for failure.  You need to have a right frame of mind to be successful with online dating!

  1. How to think positively to set yourself up for successful online dating.

  2. How to be comfortable with online dating and have more fun and ease.

  3. Why online dating is great for women at any age including women over 50!

  4. How to determine the best sites uniquely for you and how many should you be on.

  5.  You will learn easy steps to have your profile be the most attractive and appealing to men coming across feminine, confident and flirty.

  6. Learn “value proposition” in writing a profile and what you can you promise that will make him click on you and not the competition.

  7. Photos are 9 times more likely to get communication and how the best photos receive the most interest including what color of your clothes attract the most men, how to angle your face, and what types of photos are the best.

 Session 2- Searching & Finding Desirable Men 

This is where it all happens and learn how to maximize your search and be 10x more effective with online dating and stop wasting your time.

  1. How the secret search feature is your friend and will immediately have you date high quality men.

  2. How to expand your search and how you could be missing your diamond in the rough but doing this one mistake.

  3. Know how to quickly weed through the profiles to avoid the losers, players, liars, & scammers.

  4. How to flirt by email,  be playful, start a conversation and get more responses from quality men.

  5. How to ask questions and keep the rapport going.

  6. Know why men do not respond to your emails and what is “ghosting” all about.

  7. Why it is important to set up phone dates before you meet the men

  8. How to know the red flags and not continue with email communication.

 Session 3- Dating Desirable Men

Let’s face it.  Going on a First Date can Be Nerve Wracking especially since you never met this man before.   It is best to learn what can you expect and optimize your first date, and know the ins and outs to be successful.

  1. What are the safety precautions of online dating

  2. How to move a new online relationship offline and have the first date.

  3. Where to go on the first date, and what to wear.

  4. How you could instantly do this one thing and never hear from the man again.

  5. What conversations to have, who should pay for the bill, should we kiss at the end of the night.

  6. How much time should you be online for optimize dates.

  7. What is the etiquette of online dating and is it OK to date numerous men at once.

  8. You like the man, now what?  How to get that second date and not mess up the first one.

  9. How do I get to have more conversations and less text?

 Session 4 – Date 3 Men to Have One

  1. How to avoid the online dating burnout and the most effective time solutions to get quality dates.

  2. How to handle rejection and keep a positive state

  3. How to let someone know that you are no longer interested in them.

  4. Why it is important to date men without having a commitment too soon.

  5. How to handle a man that wants a commitment too soon.

  6. How to manage dating over 3 men at once

  7. Discover how to rate the men that you are dating by comparison worksheet

 Session 5 – Choosing the One & Celebrate

  1. How to know what you desire and make sure you don’t choose the wrong kind of man.

  2. Summarize past 5 weeks and celebrate our accomplishments.

5 Recorded Teaching Sessions to Listen At Your Leisure

3 Emails to ask questions and get support.

Online Workbook

This is program investment is $97

” I went from meeting men with online dating to finding a great man that I have been exclusively dating for the past 8 months. ”   Renee P.

” Kim teaches the ins and outs of online dating and her tools really work!  ” Stephanie P.

” Great ideas on how to write a profile that men will want to read  and I really liked the best on how to write the “about me ” and “about you ” section of an online dating profile.”  J.A.

“I wish I had this 10 years ago.  The training broke it down into simple and easy ways to create my online profile and what I liked best were the ideas you gave about how to create one’s user name.   M.A. “

“The BEST information I got out of this was -men are visual and to write in your profile about how it would look like being together. I like how you gave us exercises to do – make lists, etc. I will definitely use this information when I write my profile. : ) Good job girl! ”   Annie W.


“Money Back Guarantee”

I  know these strategies work in dating higher quality men, that I offer a money back guarantee.

If after listening and implementing all 5 modules and you are completely unhappy with the program, I will refund your money.

(You will have to prove that you did implement all exercises for all 5 modules)