Have your friends or family stated “I think you are being too picky?”

Or maybe you thought this to yourself.

You might have read some books saying “lower your standards.”

I beg to differ.

And let me be very clear…

You want to have high standards and you need to have high standards to have an everlasting and fulfilling love.

According to a study from the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin on American marriages, having high standards can lead to better, more satisfying and lasting marriages.

So you see it is crucial to have high standards.

However, you have the right high standards.

If you don’t have the right high standards, you will continue wasting your precious time dating the wrong men, be frustrated, settle and heartbroken in endless cycle of bad relationships or worse…get married again and divorced again.

There are reasons we are not clear and don’t have the right high standards.

1.  You might not know the right high standards to have a fulfilling and lasting love.
After all, you’re not taught required standards to have or you might have not had the best role models to show you.

2. You might have the right high standards written down but you don’t know how to quickly discern men that don’t meet those standards and end up with a man that seemed to check all the boxes only later does NOT treat you as the priority or cherish you like the woman you deserve.

3.  You may deep down feel you have to settle because of your age, looks, other hidden reasons and/or feel unworthy to have those standards even though you are a confident and successful women in other areas of your life.

When you can value yourself to have the right high standards in dating, you will create confidence in yourself and attract a committed man that adores you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

This is just like my client, Kristine, 34, HR Manager.  When she came to me, she was not dating a lot and in dead end relationships where men were not treating her as the priority even though she was very smart and beautiful.

We worked together in being very clear in the right high standards, she was worthy to have them, and how to quickly discern the men so that she did not waste time on the wrong men, and was dating the right ones.  

Just 12 weeks within us working together, she met Jon who she can happily say is her boyfriend and exceeds her standards!! 


If you are struggling to meet high quality men and find yourself in sub-par relationships…

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