How ya doing? I know the week of Valentine’s Day can be an energy drain.

Even if you’re happy and fulfilled in other areas of your life, this day can have you feel sad or down with not having a romantic partner in your life.  It can be so glaring than any other time of the year. 

I totally get it as I have been there.  When I was CPA and worked in the corporate world, it would just kill me to see everyone getting flowers delivered or talking about their special night.  Argh. 

And believe it or not….this could be a great time to focus on what you DEEPLY DESIRE with intention and know that you can receive it.

This reminds me of when Kristine reached out to me, she was not doing so well in relationships.

She was in a relationship with a man that put everything else first.

Only to leave her feeling lonely even though she was in a relationship.

She had a lot of love to give, lots of friends and a loving family

Why couldn’t she make a relationships work?  Why did she choose the wrong men?

As I started to peel back the layers of Kristine’s story, I saw the part of her who really wanted love…

And another part that did not know how to get the love she deserved.


**How to date
**How to choose a man that can be in a lasting relationship
**How to set boundaries and speak her truth (instead of always putting others first)
**How to be empowered no matter what

Despite reading a ton of books, it was real challenging to put it into practice — information, not transformation — leaving Kristine feeling confused, lonely, and frustrated.  

She was terrified to get help.  She felt like she was being desperate and why she could not figure this out on her own.  She had a lot of fear of investing in herself and taking responsibility for changing her patterns. 

However, the desire to give and receive love with a man was bigger than her fears and she was committed to her dream vs just being interested.

So we started to work together — and at first, she was naturally a little skeptical.

Will this work for me?  Could I really change this self-sabotaging patterns?  Could I learn to value myself to have the love that I deserve?

Through her commitment, she connected to her highest and best self, learned how to value herself, and gained confidence in learning the right way to date.

Kristine saw major life changes. 

She discovered her inner light of value and got a promotion at work.

She started to work out more at the gym and had more energy.

She had lots of men to date even though in the past she did not.

And, out of those amazing men she was dating, she chose a special man to be in a relationship with her and she is so happy.  

All in a matter of 90 days. 

It is so amazing what can happen in 90 days… your whole life changes forever.  


PS if you want to learn how to date successfully, stop being in a cycle of the wrong relationships, and how to be committed to your dream, just like Kristine did, let’s talk.

I have a few spots this week for us to chat and to take action with your love life.

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