It takes staggering courage and vulnerability to open yourself to love.

A love with a special man with a deep connection and chemistry. 

It can feel like you are walking on clouds, bliss, and nothing can compare to the feeling.  

It is a love like you have never known before.

And out of nowhere it ends. You are blindsided.  

Either he betrayed you with lies, cheating or he just didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore.

You feel your heart and dreams have been crushed.

You feel alone, lost, hurt and abandoned.

It literally hurts your heart and soul.

I have been there many times.

I was dating a man that I adored, felt like it was a “one of kind love” and we even discussed getting engaged.

Out of the blue he called me on the phone to tell me he did not want to see me anymore because he felt we were not compatible.  He refused to even see me in person to talk about it.  

That was it.  It was over.

And it left me feeling heartbroken, confused, and broken.

And it takes time to process the hurt feelings, heal, and grow from it.   

You might have done a lot of work on healing from a heartbreak through therapy, friends, and reading 

And started to date again because you really want to meet a special man for you that is loyal, attractive and fun to be with.

But there is a part of you that feels it is hard to trust again.

You might be feeling that you are not excited or feel disconnected with the men that you are dating.
They are just not floating your boat.

But what really is going on at a deep level…

There is a fear of not trusting yourself.
Maybe you are afraid that you will make the wrong choice and will be hurt again.
You might be afraid that you cannot even handle getting hurt again.
It would be too devastating. 

So subconsciously you have a wall up and afraid to open again.

And this comes across as not being excited about dating, not able to connect with men, and/or dating men that don’t want a commitment.

Many women that I have worked with who felt betrayed by past relationships and are afraid to trust again are now feeling confident, empowered, and safe.

They learned how to trust themselves again.

They trust themselves because they can move through their feelings of doubt and have courage that 
they can handle anything.

They trust themselves because they were clear in what they desire and that they valued themselves to have it.  No more settling!

They felt safe and empowered to set boundaries and make better choices

They can trust their inner wisdom and do not tolerate unacceptable behavior.

And that is why they can find lasting love with a loyal, committed, and attractive man within a very short period of time…we get to the heart of the matter. 

Let’s reclaim your lost trust that you once cherished and thrived upon.  We are born to live our lives in trust. 

Don’t let someone take that from you.  

Let me help you.

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Sending you much love
Kim Quick

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