I know you may be thinking that all the good single guys are extinct, or that men never approach women any more.

You may not know this…

But the majority of guys don’t feel fully comfortable (or at least very good) at meeting women in real life. When they see you they feel put on the spot, unsure of what to say, and worried that they’ll come across as creepy.

Men feel more comfortable approaching women…that are approachable.

Here are some action steps to be irresistible and have men start asking you out naturally..

1.  Create Free Time – yes, I get it you are busy but you might of created all this busiest because you are single and now cannot get out of the trap.  Clear your calendar to be open to try new things.  Also, show up early to events and stay late.  This is a great time due to the holidays to meet new and exciting men.
2. When you walk into a room already have a smile on!
3. Don’t Be so Preoccupied – don’t always be on your phone.   Look up and take this time to look men in the eye and smile.
4.  Be bold and put your hand out and say your name and nice to meet you.  The more you practice this the easier it gets.

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Happy Dating and sending lots of love
Kim Quick