I know it can be like hell out there in dating and finding the “one.”

You don’t get asked out after many messages back and forth with online dating.

You don’t hear from guys after a phone call or date.

Or you have been currently dating someone for a while only to be in the casual zone and wondering if this is the right thing and will this ever move forward?

Argh!  Feels like such a waste of time.

Why even bother?

With all of those false starts, rejections, and disappointments, you wonder where all the good men are?

And you could easily say to yourself “I attract the wrong men and there is just not any good men out there. ”

Except it is not true.

As someone that went on endless dates that went nowhere and being in relationships with men that treated me like shit.

There was Randall, successful, handsome, and charismatic only to be verbally abusive.

There was Mark, successful, handsome and fun but was cheap and made me pay for the hotel room when we went on vacation.

There was Jerry, who was cute, fun and great in bed but recently divorced and had me on the roller coaster from emotional hell with one week he loved me and the next week he was scared and did not want a commitment.

And then my all-time most hurtful relationship was with Timothy who I was sleeping with off and on for over 2 years with no commitment only to find out he was engaged.

It goes on and on….that I could fill up this email to be 10 pages long.

You want to know what is the common denominator is here?

I choose these men.

I met these men either online or through friends and the one thing is I choose to answer their emails, their phone calls,  go on dates, sleep with them and worst move in with one of them.

All hoping it was going to change.

It all starts right from the beginning because it starts with you.

It is easier to blame it on online dating, there are not good men out there, the world…

But it is not going to change your love life.

It was when I really connected with this that my love life changed forever.

I literally envisioned in my head that drawing a line in the sand and saying to myself enough!

And at the time in dating Jerry, I blocked his number.  No more.

And I invested in a mentor where I discovered my deep core beliefs that had me choose these types of men.

And the evidence was clearly there with attractive and committed men that could just not get enough of me.

And that is just like my client that came to work with me a couple a months ago.  She had previously worked with a dating coach and she learned a lot about being in your feminine and online dating strategies….but no dates with quality men.

We focused on releasing her core beliefs holding her back and with a little touch of my online dating magic….

She cannot keep the quality men away….constantly getting responses from men online, getting asked out on second dates to fancy restaurants and being pursued and another asked her to go on a weekend trip skiing. She is having the time of her life.

Are you ready to draw the line in the sand for yourself?

Are you open to receiving the quality of love you deserve?

Learning to be in your feminine and using online dating strategies are important, but until you get to the deep core of your beliefs that has you continue to choose these types of men, then you will continue to get the same results.

You will be either be single for the rest of your life or worst -waste your time with a man that does not treat you as you deserved to be treated a woman.

Let this be your year of love in 2019!

When I work with women it is a matter of deep work of learning their truth, figuring out what is working, taking out what isn’t, and providing a fool proof system that works and watch everything fall into place at an amazing speed.

And that is exactly what you need in order to start seeing a change in the way you date and the men you choose.

That is why I opened up more spots this week (even though it is holidays) so we can speak personally to jump start your love life for 2019.

It is absolutely free for this Love Breakthrough Session and it is life-changing.
My gift for you.

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There is one thing though,

This is for you if this is the one missing piece in your life and you are ready to do whatever it takes to change it now and you are ready to invest in yourself.

I will work with you in revealing your SINGLE STRING (your core beliefs that have you choose these men and unconsciously unaware of.)

And then we will go over a step-by-step plan to achieve having your amazing love with an attractive man faster than you ever dreamed possible.

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You are amazing, and together we CAN find your epic love for 2019!