Happy New Year!! And it really is a wonderful time of year.

Did you know the first Sunday of the year is the busiest day for online dating according to Match.com and continues to be extra busy until Valentines Day?

This is a great time of year and you can find love just in time for Valentine’s Day…just imagine…that attractive and solid man that you have chemistry with asking you “What are you doing for Valentines’ Day?”

I know online dating can be frustrating and seem like it can be just plain old hell with no results in love.

… And there are women that are having success with online dating such as myself and my clients that I work with.  I am sure you might even know some of your friends that found love online.

Do you want to know what my clients are doing to be successful in finding love online even if they been single for a long time or have been in a series of bad relationships?

1. They prioritized finding love because they know it is the most important area of their life.  Yes, they are happy but they realize they are missing out on a fundamental joy of having a special man in their life and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.  And there is nothing wrong in wanting it and going for it.

2. They realized that dating is a process of positive mindset and actions just like it would be in searching for a new job.  They are in it for the long haul and not willing to quit.  Now, I am not talking years here, but they gave it time and persevered and were unwilling to settle.

3. They increased their dating skills set including mind set, understanding men, feminine, and online dating set.  They realized that these are skills that have not been taught and do what it takes to up level them and attract the quality men they desire and deserve.

4. They uncovered  their emotional blind spots that were sabotaging their love life.   We all have them and without doing this step, no dating strategy will every matter or work.

5. They made room for love and a man in their life.   As successful and motivated women, we are so use to being on our own and not having a man in our lives.  We say things like “I got this” when a man tries to help.  Or our schedules are so busy that there is no room for a man.  And let me tell you, a man is observing this.  He is thinking to himself “Does she have room for me?”

Your love life can really change for 2019.  It really can.  Now the question is – are you ready?  On a scale of 1-5 for each one above with 5 being the highest level,  where are you at to attract an amazing man that will rock your world?

Now, I am not talking about some ordinary love, but an extraordinary love with toe curling sex, a bear hug just when you need it, and a man that will move mountains for you just so he sees that beautiful smile on your face.

Lets’ change your love life.

The most powerful and life changing thing you can do right now, is to have a call with me, so we can discuss those blind spots that are getting in the way of meeting attractive and committed men and a plan to have that epic love.

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