“You are too picky!”

I heard that time and time again.

And would even say it to myself.

I would find something wrong with almost every man

I hate to admit this, but I would be turned off by the shoes men wear.

Crazy huh?

I remember dating Lazlo, a super nice guy. We took a walk on the beach and I noticed he was wearing Reebok’s.   Really, “Reebok’s”?    Are you kidding me, they went out of style like 20 years ago.

Or Dan who adored me showed up with Converse sneakers on every date we went on whether it was to the beach or when we went out to dinner.   I would say to myself “can you wear something other than those Converse Sneakers.”  Geez…

This was a habit of finding a range of faults with the men I dated.

And that would be my focus.  That was part of my criteria in weeding out men…shoes.

There was a running joke with my friends about how I complained about men’s shoes.

And it seems very funny now that as I am writing this.

However, I was really crying inside and confused then.

Because I spent more time being single (over 15 years) than being in a relationship.

How could a smart successful woman who could pass the CPA exam not get this right and struggle so much in finding the right one?

I focused on the these so called faults which ended the relationships and then tell myself I have hard time meeting the right one because I am just too picky.  I believed that I was picky.

And worse – I would think there was something inherently wrong with me because I thought I was picky.

If I was so picky…how would I find the one?

Then the thoughts would come in that I will probably be alone for the rest of my life.

There seemed to be no solution to this.

And this was part of my discovery journey of getting to bottom of this.

And what was really underneath this “too pickiness”…

I had an underlying fear…

The extreme pickiness is a disguise for an underlying fear of a long term romantic
relationship even though I stated I wanted one.

And this is not your fault…it is part of your Single String…those experiences that you had that create the string that wraps around your ankle and up through your waist and into your heart – embedded, hidden and constricting your love life.


And this especially for successful independent woman like yourself.


This Single String experience could be:


  • Deep down that you are afraid of depending on someone and then afraid they will let you down.
  • You are afraid to lose your independence and you will be smothered by a man because he may overshadow you.
  • You are afraid that you will not be successful in a relationship.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? If you find enough faults to decide a man is not a right match for you, eventually you can put off the relationships because deep down you believe it is too stressful for you to be in a long term relationship. So you are really pushing men away…the good ones.


And the good news is that you can unravel it and release it…if you want to.


Because it is not that you are really “picky” or you have a “type”

But unconsciously really afraid.

And the second key is to find out why you are deep down really afraid.

Could it be that you grew up in a family that got divorced or a lot of fighting?

Or maybe you did come from a great family but were made fun of in school?

Or maybe you had a previous boyfriend really hurt you in the past?

This can be very personal and hard to do on your own.

And you have to be ready.

Really ready to be courageous and open to what is really holding you back from having that true love that you desire with the right man.

Because the woman that is fearful…that is not really your true self.

And in order to meet the love of your life requires to decide to COMMIT to becoming who you are MEANT to be….

If that’s YOU and you are ready to do something about it now… then this is what I have for you:

What I’ve noticed throughout the years in helping successful and strong women in finding LOVE with the most amazing quality man…

That is it is not luck or the stars are in order or the timing is right.

It is a matter of deep work of learning their truth, figuring out what is working, taking out what isn’t, and providing a fool proof system that works and watch everything fall into place at an amazing speed.

And that’s exactly what most smart women like you absolutely need in order to finally start seeing a change in the way they date and the MEN they attract.

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