What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?  Going to party?  Having some friends over?  Or sitting on the couch with some popcorn and wine watching the ball drop?  And maybe fall asleep by 10:00 pm.  I could never make it to 12:00!! LOL

No matter what you are doing that night, this is a special time to create for the New Year.

I do this every year and I am sure you do too!

A time to hit the reset button and a time of renewal and inspiration!  Yes!  Can you feel the magic?

Every year when I was single my friends and I would go skiing in New York (great place to meet men!) and on New Years’ Day (a little hungover) we would have breakfast and each of us would go around and state are goals were for the upcoming new year.  And of course at the top of the list….drum roll please…was to meet that amazing man to share our life with.  Like I am sure yours is.
And here is the thing, that sharing with someone made the world of difference.  It gave us hope and inspiration and got us into action.   I did not meet that amazing man that year, however I did finally meet the “One” and got married.

Because here is the thing…

No matter where you are or where you have been, you can find love now.   It is available for you!

A  key factor that came into play in me finally meeting that amazing man (who I nickname my Rock Star) was doing things differently.   We know the saying “if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result”…..  I don’t think I have to finish the last line. You get it.

I have discovered a new way to make goals from when I was with my girlfriends in NY.   It is what I call “setting an intention” and it is a much more faster and powerful way to have your goals happen.  You are going to really like this!

When you set a goal, you analyze your current situation and make a plan to make it happen.  It is very logical, analytical and planning.    And if it does not happen, you can get down about sometimes.   It can be disempowering.

However, setting an intention is more heart based and with your feelings.  It is a “beingness” and how you can live your life on a daily basis no matter what the outcome is.   It is your special thoughts that inspire and excite you and you connect deeply within yourself.    It is a creation of your life.   This is where I have found achieving my goals so much more fun and faster.  How exciting is that?

I know I am getting your juices flowing now!  Woo Woo!

Ok, lets get this party started and bring in the New Year with Love!

Create Your Love Intention:
Step 1:  Write down how you want to feel and really come from your deepest desires.  Do you want to feel safe?  Connected? Passionate? Loved? Fulfilled? Adored Just for You?  Cherished?   Sexy?   Committed?  Fun? Amazing? Exciting?
Step 2:   Write down the desired outcome that you want. Do you want to have marriage?  Adventurous love partner?  Passionate happy life together with a man that loves you?  A relationship that deepens every day?   What excites you or connects with you at a deep level.
Step 3:   Now brain storm your love intention and write it down.  Here are some example for you:

  • I am deeply fulfilled and excited to have an amazing partner to share my life with.
  • I am engaged to a wonderful man that cherishes and loves me for me.
  • I have a loyal and devoted husband to travel the world and exciting adventures with.
  • I am having fun dating and exploring who I am and choosing the husband for me!

Step 4:  Write you love intention down and read it before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning.

This is the key and to practice connecting with it every day and to know that it is possible, name.
I would love to hear what you created for your love intention!!!  You can email it to me or better yet – Share it with other women and have that comradery cheering you on!
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It so much more fun when you can do this with other women, just like I did with my friends on New Year’s Day.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and Lots of Love
Kim Quick
Your Love and Relationship Expert