The holidays are around the corner and I know all too well how this can be a very lonely time.  And I have some great advice on how you can actually turn this around and meet someone new just in time for the holidays.

There are so many opportunities to meet men and I created 50 ideas to get you started.  I am super excited for you.   You can have fun,  feel good trying something new, and meet a great man.

Now if you are saying to yourself – how can I talk with these men?  Lets say for example you go to the car wash and you see a cute guy.  First of all, make sure you sit next him and try to make eye contact and then smile warmly.  Now, you must be saying to yourself – “This guy  thinks I am great and he is going to love talking with me”   (positive self talk)  vs (negative) “he is not going to talk with me”).  See the difference?   Then, try to spark up a conversation on anything – cars, where does he live, something funny about the car wash, – just show that you are interested.  I know you can do it and the more you practice – the easier it gets.  Just like anything.  So here is the list and respond below and let me know what ideas you will be doing.

Much love, Kim

  1. Facebook events
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Connect with old flames on Facebook – even from high school
  4. Concerts- Jazz, Rock,
  5. Sports events or bars
  6. Yelp Events
  7. Volunteering – org , political,
  8. Dog walking
  9. Meetup events
  10. Skiing
  11. Coffee Shops
  12. Archery courses
  13. Financial courses
  14. Museum events –sign up for their newsletter
  15. Gym
  16. Rock Climbing
  17. Biking clubs at bike store
  18. Golfing
  19. Country club events
  20. High end Networking events
  21. Take an acting or improve class
  22. Ask friends for fix ups
  23. Hiking/Running clubs at running store
  24. Sailing clubs
  25. Shooting range
  26. Have lunch or happy hour at a high end bar or restaurant
  27. Sushi Bar
  28. Men’s section of a store
  29. Yoga Class
  30. Online Dating
  31. Computer class
  32. Personal Development courses
  33. Running marathons or triathlon courses
  34. Someone else’s company events
  35. Singles Events on meetup and Eventbrite
  36. Book club or book store
  37. Single cruises and vacations
  38. Conferences
  39. Matchmaking
  40. Grocery store
  41. Sports store and look at their events
  42. Airport lounges
  43. Language classes
  44. Hotel Bars
  45. Alumni Events
  46. Community service events
  47. Waiting rooms of doctor
  48. Wine Tastings
  49. Cooking classes
  50. Car wash