I know, you are super successful and are really having a hard time finding a great man.  You know that you have a lot to offer and it just seems like there are no quality men out there.   And you are ready.  You are open and ready to meet the one.

And you just cannot understand why does this have to be so difficult?

And you really start to feel like you are not good enough.   You feel broken and start to feel powerless in this dating world because you cannot seem to get it right and it makes it worse.

And you think you have to get out there more, go out on more dates, and sign up for more online sites.

And this very doing mode, do, do, do is the same mode you use at work and is actually the barrier that is getting in your way.

I know this is what you are used to.    This is how you are used to getting what you want.

We are doing and not getting the result.   And because we are not getting the result after doing, we are equating this to a performance issue or I did not get the result or the goal.   I did not win.   I am inadequate.     I am not at peace with this situation nor with myself.

When does the madness stop?

How about right now!

First, step is the awareness that I am equating not having a man in my life and something about me and we can be so hard on ourselves as women.   So we have to stop.  Just stop it!

Because it is really not true.  This is something that you made up.   Just because you don’t have a man in your life, does not mean you are inadequate.  You make it mean that.

So watch your thoughts.   Anytime you start feeling powerless and not good enough because of your love life drop it.  Drop that thought.  It is not true.

And start to nurture and love yourself.  Put energy into that first.  Maybe take a couple of weeks off from dating and nurture you.

When you feel enough love in yourself, then you’ll be okay with I can take my time. I can be patient. I can allow love in and now we are in a different energy.   Not a space of lack but a space of love and what could be possible, because it is possible.  The only way to get that confidence is to do things that make you feel loved on the inside. That’s what you are missing.

So, as your personal coach, I am going to give you a homework assignment:

Write down 10 things that you can do to nurture you and do them at least once a week.   It could be a hot bath with candles, a walk on the beach, spa day with friends, take a couple of hours off and read a book, take a course, or hire a coach to heal.

Feel free to email me your 10 items, I would love to hear how you are nurturing yourself and getting back on track to loving you, because until you love yourself it will be challenging for a man to love you back.

Sending you much love and hugs