You have been through the ringer with men.

You have men that have lied or did not honor their word.

And know you find yourself dating and scared that this will happen again.

How can I trust a man again?

You go out with your mental checklist hoping to see the red flags.

Or maybe you stopped dating all together.

You really want to meet a great man but deep down you are scared.

You are scared of getting hurt again and let down.

And you are really scared of yourself.

And you really don’t trust yourself.

And we cannot change the past.   And we cannot predict the future or be worried about it.
We only have now and we only have the relationship with ourselves that we can work on.

This is the time that you work on the relationship with yourself.

I have been through some doozy of relationships myself with verbally abusive men and men that have lied.  And I really attracted those men because I had insecurities in the first place that I was not worthy to have a great man.  I settled.  And it is easy to blame the men.  We don’t want to look at ourselves because that is really hard.  Believe me, when I started working on myself there were things about myself that I did not want to admit. It really took courage and vulnerability to be in space to see my faults.  And the good news is we can change and it is well worth it!

Because when I started to be worthy and important to have what I want, is when the quality men showed up.

You are what you attract. Something happened that had to not be worthy of love to settle in your life, or not speak up when you needed to and to protect and care for you and your heart.

The foundation of any amazing relationship starts with self-love. When you fully love and trust yourself, you attract people who reflect that back to you.

You can trust yourself again and it starts with loving you.
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Kim Quick
Dating and Relationship Expert