Dating can really be challenging sometimes.  You put all this effort into it and then go out on a date and then it does not work out.  And then the next week you are doing it again.  It just seems so tiring and frustrating.   You just wish you could meet the “one” right now and not have to go through this.

I remember when I was dating and going through all that frustration, so I can understand.  And here are some things that I learned that made a difference:

  1. Patience –   It is so important to practice patience.  Dating is a process and not a onetime event. Take this opportunity to learn patience because it is a great practice to have in a relationship.  Also, you can be learning about yourself during this period and learning about men.
  2. Expectations – Try not go out on dates with high expectations.  We can really get our high hopes with online dating because you like the man’s profile and you had great conversation on the phone, and then you start to think “this is the one.”   Then you go out on a date, and there is no chemistry or he was totally not how he represented himself.    And it can be so disappointing.  Don’t fall into this trap. Let each step of the dating process unfold.  Don’t start thinking this could be one until you have gone out for a couple of months.
  3. Present – Be in the moment and stop thinking about the future.   Be in the moment to enjoy this presence with the man in front of you even if he might not be the one.    Have fun and laugh and enjoy the moment.
  4. Be Positive and believe in what is possible –    You don’t want to go on dates dreading it and thinking to yourself that it is frustrating and this is a probably another date that will not work out.   It is possible that men could feel that type of vibe you are putting out and the next date could be a great man that you want to continue dating.   So you always want to stay in a positive vibe and focus on what is possible.  It is possible for you to have a date with a nice man that can eventually being Mr. Right!  Yes, it is!
  5. What you focus on persist and is the law of attraction.    If you focus on that you are not having a positive dating experience, then you will.    So, start to turn around the negative thinking into the positive –  for example:  If you say to yourself before you go out on date:  “oh, this dreaded online dating,  I am so tired of this and it is not working ” –  to a different conversation you can have to yourself –   Online dating opens me up to great possibilities of meeting the one!  I am going to focus on having fun and learn about men.”   Write this down and have it by your computer or your mirror and say this before you do online dating or have phone call or go out on a date.

Now, this does not just apply to online dating.  This applies to all dating experiences and even when you are in a relationship.  That is why I continue to say that how you are in dating is how you are in relationships and it best to practice these principles now.   For example, if you focus on the negative aspects of a man, “he does not do enough for me”, and you express that to him, you will have a man that will continue not to do things for you.  However, if you remain positive, and start to focus on the things he does right and praise him for it, he will do more things for you.

Practice, Practice, Practice focusing on the positive– this is what it takes to have a harmonious and extraordinary relationship.


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