I know you are a super-talented, successful woman who believes you are open, ready and willing to manifest love…

And you are having such a hard time find a great man.

You are not alone.  I talk with women on a daily basis and hear this a lot.

You might be asking yourself “why?”

First off, you got to make space for yourself because when you’re working out in the world and you’re being so busy, you’re in that drive mode. You’ve got to really get into a place of really loving yourself, nurturing yourself and open to receiving.    And this happens to a lot of women.

When you are in drive mode (I have to get this..) you are not open to receiving a man in your life or a partner.  You are not open to really being nurtured that way because you are not nurturing yourself.   You are driving and forcing it.

And attracting love happens in a more relaxed atmosphere of receiving and allowing it.   You let the love come in.

Most likely you are in a space of an energetic vibration, I want, I want, I want, then that is what the universe is going to show back to you – scarcity.

We’ve got to get into a place of knowing and being in a space of loving and nurturing to be able to have that.

If it has been a struggle to find love, you might have the beliefs that say, “I can’t have it. I can’t have it. Everybody else can but I can’t.”    The shift takes place when you say I can and it is possible and I am allowing it to come in.

I have a friend right now who is going through this. It’s been interesting because she’s been shifting over the last year. She went through a really bad divorce. I would see her cry because she wanted to feel loved, she wanted to feel nurtured, she wanted to have that passion and that intimacy. I would hear her say things like, “I live in a community. There’s not going to be anybody like that here. There’s not going to be anyone in this space. In this community there’s not going to be anyone. I’m going to have to move somewhere else.” You could hear her having this belief that she couldn’t have this. What is so funny right now is that as she’s been shifting her mindset, every day she calls me and she says, “Oh my gosh, men are everywhere. I can’t believe it! Men are everywhere!”

It’s about changing our mindset of being in a space of possibility, maybe there is something bigger than me here that it can show up.

And we can have a beliefs that are limiting and I know you are aware of your beliefs.

And, What are your beliefs you’re holding onto that you’re hearing all the time?, 

And, I mean they are recurring…start to pay attention to that.  When you’re in your head and you’re constantly playing these mental games on yourself about what you can’t have, then that’s what shows up in your world.

The good news is you can change this and it opens up a space of receptivity and a space of loving and nurturing yourself.


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