I wanted to share with you a great question that came up in the Successful in Love Lounge Facebook group.  We are getting a lot of great questions!

One of the members asked this:  I have been working on myself for a while and still have not met someone.  Do I have to be perfect to meet my perfect mate?

This is a really great question.  Like really what does it take?  Is this something that I can really control just like I produce results in my career and health?

Let me first say I understand how you feel and the struggles you are going through. I started on a journey of working on myself deeply and I did not find love right away. I continued to find myself in the same old patterns, which was frustrating to say the least.

One thing I would like to say is that working on yourself is not about being “perfect” and being “perfect enough” to meet your special guy.

We know we never will be perfect as human beings.  Nor do we want to be because our flaws bring spice to our lives and our relationships.

It’s great that you’ve been working on yourself. And I understand how frustrating your lack of progress feels. You want this to happen more quickly, because you are ready to share this adventure of life with a great man.

You want a breakthrough in love now, not slow and steady.  Right, <<First Name>>?

And YOU can leap beyond the glass ceiling of your love life by evolving from the past beliefs, be powerful, and create new possibilities.

These programming beliefs were developed through your own experiences in childhood and the meaning you made it about yourself, relationships, and life.

Interesting enough, biologist have determined 80% what creates our experience already comes from information in our brain. So, 80% is coming from our past experiences stored in our subconscious mind that were created from childhood and throughout our adult life. Crazy right?

In addition, not only do we have these beliefs, we keep trying to prove that they are right over and over again.  In essence, we are on auto pilot based on these beliefs in our subconscious mind and not in control of what we are really doing. That is right.

My childhood experience of my father created a belief in me that I was not important.  As an adult I found myself with men that did not want to commit to me and then I would say to myself:  “See, I am not important because men don’t want a commitment with me”. I kept proving it over and over again that I was not good enough.  And so freakin frustrated because it did not make sense because I wanted to be married to man that adored me.  When I finally uncovered this belief and evolved it working with a mentor, then I started to date men that were adoring me and then leading me to my husband (complete opposite to what I was dating in the past.)

This is about being empowered to generate a breakthrough in your love life.

Your love life is not happening to you, you are happening through your love life.

The destiny is not about being perfect to find your perfect mate.  It is journey so that you know yourself enough that you are not coming from your past experiences but creating a new way of being that is based upon what you truly desire in your love life.

And that is freedom and lightness, sister!

This is where you can be peaceful, loving, content and joyful no matter what is happening…even if he does not call you back or there is a hurtful argument between the two of you.

And guess what, this is good to work on this now while you are dating because you are setting yourself up for success to have a relationship with a man where you are evolving together.  Can you imagine that?

<<First Name>>,  I can talk about this forever and give you insights but what would it be like to really have breakthrough in your love life?  Just imagine having it.  I know I can help you.  If you are serious about evolving past your beliefs and you are ready to have that amazing man in your life, let’s setup a time to chat.   Book a Free Call Here.

Much Love


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