Hello Beautiful!

It’s springtime, the flowers are starting to bloom and an excited energy is in the air.  Can you feel it?

Spring is a great opportunity to hit the reset button, be renewed and revitalized in all areas of your life, especially for dating and relationships.

Maybe these past months have been a roller coaster ride of emotions from being excited to having a first date to feeling let down that you did not hear back from him.  Or maybe you are doing online dating and can’t even get a date with a desirable man. I know first hand how this can be frustrating.

And I also know how powerful intentions can be and now is the perfect time to revisit the your intention you set for your love life back in December (if you haven’t set your intentions, read this post to get started) and renew your energy to date and meet the amazing man that you desire.

When you consider your intention for your love life, remember that you aren’t willing to settle in a relationship. You want to meet a man who is your equal, loved and adored for you and you feel totally supported in every way.  You don’t need to change your requirements for a partner or accept less than what you’d like in order to find love. I’m speaking to everyone reading this, regardless of your age or your past relationships. It’s important that you set your intentions for your life and maintain them. By holding true to those intentions, you can attract the right man into your life as well.

I know that setting intentions works because that is exactly what I did before finding my relationship with my now amazing husband. I set an intention before I even began dating, a promise to myself of what I am worth and what I was looking for, and I looked over the intention every day.  Holding that intention in my thoughts was a big step in creating the most harmonious and fulfilling love relationship that I ever had in my life.

As you think about your intention for your love life, remember that there are definitely ways that you are holding yourself back, though. You have conditioned ways of thinking about yourself, men and relationships that are blocking you from having love, we call these your blind spots.  Worse still, these blind spots can attract men that seem right, but aren’t ready to commit or aren’t up to your standards.

Do you want to know what your number one blind spot that is holding you back from having your love intention?


It is having your emotional needs met.   When you were younger, it was required for your emotional needs to be met to thrive as an adulthood like to be nurtured, loved unconditionally, made a priority, valued, chosen and to be disciplined.  Someone that was there for you when you needed them, giving you affection, encouraging you when you were feeling down, and protecting and disciplined you. These needs were either supported by your parent figures or not.  When they were not supported by your parent figures, it affected the way you feel about yourself and created a conditionally way of thinking around love and men. For example, if you were abandoned as a child or not treated as the priority, you were missing a key need to feel chosen and important.   You were conditioned based upon the past to not feel important and thus we choose men that don’t treat us like we are. And we just so happened not to include that in our intention. It makes sense,  doesn’t it?

To give you an example, I had a client, Kristine, thought she had a well thought out intention of what she wanted in a man and a relationship:  a man who was honest and kind, financially stable and goal oriented, fun, and traveled together, and a commitment. However, she forgot to add to her intention to be a priority in a man’s life and she was settling with men that were  unemotionally available where she was doing most of the work in the relationship. When we worked together and she got very clear on what she “really wanted” from a relationship, raised her standards, and stop making excuses for men that were treating her badly – she met an incredible man that is now her boyfriend and she is very happy.

“Thank you, Kim for your coaching.  I am very blessed I found Jon. “

With your intention, you need to be crystal clear what is truly important to you in a man and relationship and some of that includes your emotional needs (that you did not get as a child).  If you need to feel as chosen from a man and cherished, then list it and make sure you stay in alignment with the intention. Another blind spot is that we don’t see when a man is not in alignment with our intention.   And that is for a topic to discuss next week! So stay tuned!


So, in summary when you learn to examine your emotionally needs and conditioned way of thinking from the past,  you’ll be able to free yourself from everything that’s holding you back, like blind spots and too-vague intentions, and finally find the man who is ready for the amazing relationship you’re looking for, just like Kristine did.  You got this!


Don’t forget – We will discuss this at deeper level tomorrow, Thursday at 5:00 pm PST, LIVE!  in the Successful in Love Lounge for Ladies on how to be clear in your love intention. Even if you cannot make it live, you can still listen to the recording and post a question to support you!     Click here to Successful In Love Lounge



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