I have talked with many women over the past couple of weeks.  And I see a common theme – how do I be the chosen one and important one?   It seems like in every relationship I am the one that is not the priority, I am the one that he does not want a commitment with, I am the one he does not want to marry, and I am the one that is not getting asked out on a consistent basis.  Only to make you feel like there is something wrong with you for not being the “chosen one’.

Believe me, I was in the same boat.  I was constantly not being the “chosen one”.   Until I learned a secret…the secret to lean back and be patient.    And it is golden.

It reminds me when Jim (my now husband) and I were dating for about a year and half.   He told me he loved me and he did cherish and adore me.  However, we had discussed marriage here and there but there was no engagement.  I had a sinking feeling that he might not want to really get married from some of his off comments he made.  He was afraid to get married again because his first marriage did not work out.

Now, instead of pressuring him for answers or being demanding abut when we are going to get engaged and get married,  I leaned back and was patient.  I would casually bring it up with positive positioning.   “Oh honey, I just love being with you and can see a great future together”   And I also suggested a personal development course that would enhance our relationship.  I did this over a years’ time and then one day he said:  Yes, I will do that personal development course to enhance our relationship.  He secretly planned a trip to Sedona, Arizona and hired a hiking guide and right on an energy vortex pulled out the ring and proposed on one knee.  Of course, tears in my eyes, I said yes.   This was on 4/26/2016.  Woo hoo!

So,   let me explain this to you and how you can apply this in dating and in your relationship.

Be patient and lean back.  This is one of your biggest allies when it comes to winning in a relationship because a man cannot block or run from a patient woman.  When a woman doesn’t fight what he is doing, there is nothing for him to force back so he gives in.   Also, leaning back will have him feel safe to lean in and be magically inspired to take action.      He does not feel pressured to make decisions because he wants to make the decision.  It feels too much like drama and the relationship is too hard when you start pressuring a man.

Also, leaning back provides a space to see if he will show up eventually.   That is another key element.  Of course, you are not going to wait forever.   And you may need to start being a little busier and not so available.   Let him wonder a bit and see if he starts leaning in when you lean back.      That is key and the secret to having forever love.

Now, I had to learn the hard way with dating so many men and with so many heartbreaks.   Let me teach you everything I learned and have taught other women that had success with finding their forever love with the Forever Love Formula.

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It can be simple and it does not have to be hard.

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