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When Will You Draw the Line in Sand for Love

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One of the questions I hear a lot is:  How do I know if I met the right man?  What should I look out for?  And we can be scared of falling into that trap of meeting the same man that continues to give you the same heartache. Believe me, I was there and over a [...]

Girl, if he does this, run the other way!

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You can really tell a lot about a man’s online dating profile and how he communicates with via the emails.   You literally have to read in between the lines.  When I teach my clients about online dating, they can instantly see the red flags and move on to the next profile for the one that is [...]

Top 10 Lies You are Telling Yourself About Dating Over 40

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You are a single woman over 40 and never been married or you are divorced or widowed and you are struggling to find that special someone in your life. And you wonder why this is so difficult.   Well, you maybe telling yourself these lies about dating over 40 that are getting in the way.   [...]

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