You are either single and having a hard time finding love or in a relationship that is not working out.
You torture yourself with comparisons with other women or other relationships. 

You wonder if there is something wrong with you and you say things to yourself “I will never find love”
“I am not good enough”  or  “why do other women get to have that and not me?”   “Why does this continue to happen to me?”
You feel like you will be alone for the rest of your life.    And you are so tired of feeling this way.
And I get it, because I was there also.  I use to feel the same way and say the same things.
And then I learned some new tools that  had me shake off this feeling of insecurity and feel c confident and positive now!

  1. Stop saying:   I will never find love, I am not good enough, why is this happening to me.   And focus on the words on what you truly want.   Turn those negative words around and switch to a positive statement.
    1. For example:   Catch yourself saying  “I will never find love”  and switching it to  “I am in the process of finding love now.”   or “I attract amazing amazing men”  or  “The one is just around the corner”   And this is a practice of course.   I would put the positive statements on sticky notes to remind you. 
  2. Take care of you and practice self-care.   That means saying kind words to yourself and be your best friend.   Start to work on what makes you happy and check off your bucket list.  Live your best life!  In order to attract the man of your dreams, you need to be the woman of your dreams. 
  3.  Focus on Your Feelings and being aware of them instead of pushing them down, & denying them.   When you feel angry, sad, or frustrated – tune into that – notice the feelings and say to yourself:   I see I am feeling this way, and it is ok for me to have these feelings, and they are just feelings.”  You don’t have to act on them, but just acknowledge them.  When you do this, it releases those feelings and has a healing effect.
  4. Stop doing more for others and practice to receive especially from men.   
  5. Practice Gratitude – write down three things every day that you are grateful for yourself.  

If you notice, these tools are aspects of being in your feminine.    This is so important to practice this now while your are single or to start to practice if in a relationship because this is where a man will start bending over backwards for you and treat you the way you want to be treated and another aspect of boosting your confidence.

This boost your confidence with men and relationships because now you have some tools to have that relationship you desire.

I know this firsthand, because I use to be in the same space.   I use to never get what I want from a man, and when I switched to these feminine aspects is when I found the man that treated me like a queen and cherished and loved me like no other.  And of course this is the man I am marrying in 10 days.

And I am so excited as I just got off the phone with one of my clients who we worked through these steps above is now in amazing relationship, and I quote her:   I never felt so calm and fantastic in a relationship and here is a man finally treating me the way I always dreamed of being treated.  He gives to me without me even asking.

Love it!

I want you to have that also!    If you would like support in what I stated above,  hit reply, and we can schedule a complimentary call to chat!

Much hugs

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