Did you get a chance to watch the Royal Wedding?  I was viewing some of the videos clips over the weekend and I caught myself really being mesmerized with it.  How beautiful Meghan looked and how Harry adored her – the fairy tale princess with her prince.   I was in awe of it and thinking wow  –  how grand it was…and even a little envy.

And then I was thinking to myself – what I am so mesmerized with this romance fantasy and so in awe?  What was that about?

It is our conditioning.  We have been conditioned to be in awe of fairy tales, romantic movies and the media showing us that the all-perfect prince is supposed to come along and sweep away to the magic kingdom of love.  But real life is not a fairy tale or movie.   There are not perfect guys or perfect relationships.  Isn’t that right, << Test First Name >>?

However, we may know this at a conscious level but subconsciously we have been programmed otherwise.  And this affects who we choose in dating and being in a relationship.

When you read a man’s profile or look at his pictures – you are reading and looking at it through a perceived lens.   Your perceived lens that you have been conditioned with from the past programming or beliefs that you create it along the way.

When you go out on a date, you are subconsciously deciding if you like him and should go out with him again.

You are basically on auto-pilot in choosing the men you are dating and being with.   I know, I know….it seems a little crazy.

But the good news is,  you can change this by knowing yourself and your conditioning patterns.

If you are seeing some of these patterns – you maybe be choosing men based upon a belief or fantasy that was made up.

  • You meet guys with potential but have this nagging feeling that there is a man out there better.
  • You are always finding something wrong with the nice men and probably say to yourself:  “is that all you got” or find them very boring.
  • You choose men that are unable to commit or have excuses for being able to be in a relationship.
  • You are finding men that are crazy about you but you find them too nerdy, ugly, crazy, not able to hold a conversation, does not dress nice, talks too much, unsuccessful
  • Choose the men that are very nice looking and look good on paper only to be disappointed that he is not giving you what you really need as a woman.
  • You meet a man that you get too connected too soon and you say: he is different and this could be the one and start spending way too much time with him.

When I work with my clients closely we discover the unconscious patterns, change them, and they start dating men that they desire.

When I was initially dating undesirable men, I worked on the patterns at the unconscious level and determined what was really important to me and consciously stared to choose men that were really for me.   When I was finally very clear, I did a search on Match.com and 5 men came up.  The third man I went out on a date became my husband.   It was that simple when I worked on those unconscious beliefs.

When you are consciously aware of what you desire and choose based upon that, dating becomes easier and fun and you meet the one.

One way to start seeing if you have a pattern is to write down each dating experience with a man and what are the positive and negatives about him and review this weekly.

In fact, I have good news for you.  I have a worksheet in excel called Love Potential Worskheet that I created for my clients and I am giving it to you free!  You are going to love it!

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And better yet, work with a love mentor that can help you see your unconscious patterns.  You don’t have to do this alone.

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