One of the top areas that will catapult your love life is an understanding between masculine and feminine energy and implementing it. 

Men and women are different. They see relationships, love or sex from different perspectives. Not knowing and accepting this major truth about relationships had affected me in dating and relationships and many women that I know.   

On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your learning of the masculine and feminine?  

I know once I learned the difference between the masculine and feminine traits, it was a game changer in meeting a great man and it is why continue to be in a fulfilling and harmonious relationship.  I will tell you that if my husband Jim and I get into an argument, most of the time I am in my masculine.  
One of the areas that are similar to masculine is the “doing”.  You think the more you do for the  man that it will win his love.  You also don’t speak up thinking that will win his love also.  And you get really confused because you are like, what the heck?  I am doing everything I can here and it is not working.    

And it is the balance of the masculine and feminine that is needed in a women’s life.  We need our feminine to win a man’s heart. The feminine is the soul of a women and her spiritual connection to a man.   This is where you transcend into a women of power vs feeling confused, insecure and frustrated.

How Do We Tap Into Our Feminine Energy?
1. Feminine Energy Is Open To Receive Love And Affection
In order to inspire a man to see that YOU are the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, you need to learn to accept and receive love. Men fall in love when they can offer, not when you do something for them. But, sadly enough, many women behave like they do not deserve to be loved. They want to carry the responsibility and the burden of a relationship. And this is what makes things go bad.

When we flood a man with affection, attention, delicious dinners, gifts and things like this, there is not much room for him to offer any of these instead. When you invest so much, when you give up yourself to accommodate his needs he will rather see you as a mother or a friend instead of a lover.

All you have to do is to be open and willing to receive love from a man. And you also have to give something back: appreciation for everything that he is doing for you, respect for who he is and gratitude. This way you clearly signal that YOU are worthy of his time, energy, affection and love.

 2. Feminine Energy Has Strong Boundaries That He Needs To Respect
As we all know, men are competitive souls and they LOVE challenges. They need to fight in order to appreciate the ONE they get. The prize is mostly appreciated when there is effort put in obtaining it.  If you become totally devoted to him from the beginning of the relationship, if you invest time and energy more than he does, HE WILL DOUBT YOUR VALUE!

However, this does not mean that you should play HARD TO GET! Games always backfire. Strategy and manipulation last very little and they do not work long term.
What works is having real, solid inner boundaries. When you are standing on a rock yourself you can be very open, sweet and accommodating to any man. Because no men could swipe you of your feet.
Anytime you give up your values in order to be with a man, the relationship goes nowhere from the start. If you compromise yourself in order to satisfy a man, this is the moment you lose him. You kill his instinct to fight for you and cherish you as a prize.
3.  Feminine Energy Puts Her Feelings and Happiness First
If you want to be happy in a relationship with a man, you have to be happy with yourself first of all. A man should never be a substitute for your happiness. You need somebody to share a good and fulfilled life with, not someone that completes you (I never agreed with that Jerry MaGuire statement “you complete me”).  If you have a full life, don’t give it up when you meet a new man you like. We all know the story of new lovers who never spend time with family and friends in the first three months of the relationship because they spend each and every moment with each other. Only to come over to their friends, weeks or months later, to licks their break-up wounds.
A mature man, ready for a committed relationship will only appreciate a woman with a full life, with passions and hobbies. Because when she makes room for a man in her busy life, this is when it is highly appreciated.
There is no reason to give up everything for him because having a life full of passions was what mesmerized him about you in the first place.
Knowing and applying these traits will have a major impact on your love life.  Even if you are already in a relationship or just looking for love, you may very well apply them. You will see radical changes.  It did for me and it has for the women I worked with!

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