You are a single woman over 40 and never been married or you are divorced or widowed and you are struggling to find that special someone in your life.

And you wonder why this is so difficult.   Well, you maybe telling yourself these lies about dating over 40 that are getting in the way.   Another way of looking at it is they are your truths.  These are truths that you made up along the way in dating and relationships that are not really serving you.

For example, as a young adult I made up a truth I could not count on men.   Then, I continued to validate that truth whenever a man let me down.  I would say ” see, I knew it.  Another man I cannot count on.”.   And then I find myself at 40 and never been married and still saying this to myself.   And whole lot of other things I made up.  Maybe you can relate to these:

  1. There are no good men out there.
  2. The men over 40 only want younger women.
  3.  All the good ones are taken and the ones that are not are broken.
  4. I am too busy to date.
  5. Dating is exhausting and I don’t have time and it is too much work.
  6. I am waiting for my children to leave the house.
  7. He must be a 10 and I am not settling.
  8.  Why bother, I will only get hurt again.
  9.  I have been single for so long, I don’t know if I can even live with a man.
  10. I don’t want to give up my independence.

So, what to you think?  Did you relate to any of these?  Did you cringe when you read one and think, oh, I do say that to myself.  Congratulations, that is first step. The awareness that you are saying this to yourself.  Remember, what you think is what is creating your current reality in life.   So, start to tell yourself a new truth that is more empowering and will get you closer to what your truly desire.  A great man in your life in a relationship that is fun and fulfilling.   And remember this relationship can be what you like.  It does not have to look like the past relationships.   We start newly today!!!