Here are some sure fire signs to look out for when dating, that the man is not relationship material:

1. He has serious anger issues – even if they aren’t directed at you.    Look at how he treats you and other people.   Is he respectful and kind?

2. He seems to enjoy making subtle digs at you. This is a sign he is insecure and taking it out on you and if he is doing this early on in the relationship it probably will escalate.   You are looking for a man that brings the best out of you, encourages you, and brings you up, not down.

3. He’s said that he doesn’t want a relationship.    When a man states this, he really means it.  Don’t ignore it and run the other way.  You will waste your time thinking maybe it will change.   You deserve better.

4. The guy in question is constantly broke, and has no ambition whatsoever.  I always tell my clients to say to themselves:  If this man was to stay this way forever, could I live it ?   So don’t think you can change men.   Now, I understand if a man is going through a setback, then that is different.  But if he has always had financial problems, you will always be dealing with this.   You want a man that is passionate about life and has goals and achieving them.

5. He is always busy and not available . You can’t have a relationship with a guy who isn’t there!  And this could be a red flag for other things like he is married already, he is not ready for a commitment, or he is not that into you.

6. He doesn’t value your time together, or your time at all.    You want a man that shows up on time and be there when he say he will.   He can’t wait to see you and will move mountains to do so!   He cherishes you and respects you.

7. He has a need to always be right and is not open to your opinion.    If a man is constantly arguing his point is right and is never open to your opinion, then you have a man that is controlling.    And this man will be difficult to have a long term relationship with because he will not be able to handle conflict with open communication.

8. He doesn’t respect your feelings, opinions, or needs.  Same as #7.  If he can’t respect your needs or your emotions, then he doesn’t really respect you. In a relationship with a guy like this, you’ll never be his #1. In fact, being in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t respect your needs generally means that you’ll be miserable and neglected. Next!

9. He doesn’t deliver what he promised.  Anyone can promise anything to you; it doesn’t mean that they’ll deliver.  Actions do speak louder than words.  What a man does, will tell you everything.

10.  He is jealous and controlling:    He needs to see you all the time and whines about it and does not want you to see your friends or family.   You want a man that honors your space and your life.

Be on the look out for these signs and it is also good to check in with your feelings and intuition, if you are getting a bad vibe about a man, then best to move on and be with a man where you feel good around.