I wanted to share this story with you as I feel it is important in finding last love with the right man.

Last week I was running around and doing errands (ya know when you are on a mission to get things done, right?)

Well, I was multi-tasking and not paying attention and left the gas pump in gas tank of the car and drove off.  Yikes.  It hit the back windshield and broke it to pieces.  OMG!!!

I was distraught to say the least and started crying.  I felt like an idiot and wondered what my husband would say because I did this 4 years ago too.  (yes, I hate to admit that)

I called him and he immediately picked up the phone and I told him the bad news.  And said to him:  “I need you to come right away.”

No questions asked.   He was there in 5 minutes with all the tools to clean it up. 

This man has my back all the way and no matter what.  I could say that he definitely my hero.
Always there for me and I know I can count on him forever.  

This is the best thing about being in a relationship… knowing that you always have someone in your corner… who’ll always listen to you, support you, and just be there for you when you need them. Unfortunately, this has not always been the case.

Back in time 10 years ago and dating Jerry for over a year, he seemed to be not available more times than not.  I remember there was a time I got into in accident and called him and left him a message as I was in shock and pretty upset.  I did not hear back from him until the next day.  I was not really on his radar and I was not his priority.  It really hurt and I knew this was not how I wanted to be treated.   And it seemed to be a pattern with the men I dated.

Never would that happen with my husband.  Because he is not that type of man.

For someone who has been doing this a long time and helping other women find lasting love with their special hero, there are definitely signs to look out for a man that is supportive and will have your back.

1.   You want to make sure the man is saying yes to at least some of the request you are making. If he is always saying “he can’t do that” or does not make an attempt to honor what you need, then this is warning flag.

2.  You may not expect it, but it always feels good when your partner goes out of the way to do something thoughtful for you. “Whether it’s carrying the groceries, parking the car, buying you a special gift, or researching what to do for date night, it’s important for your partner to help you even when they don’t have to.

3.  The man will support you when he is around his friends and family.  He might not always agree with what you say but he is on your side, especially around other people.

4.   You should be able to talk to your man about things you are going through and he has a sympathetic ear and allows you to vent and not turn things around you or make you feel worse than you already do.  He lifts you up when you are feeling down.

5.  He supports you and encourages you to have your dreams.  He is your biggest fan.

6.  You will hear him say the phrase “I got you.”  

7.  He does not take you for granted and really appreciates you.

8.  He can show affection to you around other people, he is proud to be your partner and will say he loves you in front of other people. 

Now, if you are finding you are in a relationship now and this is not happening, all is not lost because you can turn things around by discussing this with him.  However, it must be done in the right way so that he feels inspired to act, not felt like he is being made wrong.

If you want to learn how to inspire a man to support you and have your back. Let’s talk.  I have a few spots this week for us to chat and to have your special hero in your life.      

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