Online Dating Mindset

Be positive with online dating to set yourself up for success!

**Instead of saying “there are only perverts, fakers, liars, and weirdos”, say : “wow, look at all of these great men on here. “ You have to remember that I think most men that do online dating have good intentions. These are men with families and passions and want love also. And yes, there are the ones that are liars and fakers, and you can get pretty good at weeding those out.
**Instead of saying: this better work out and feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, say: This is opportunity for me to learn about myself and men. This is an adventure and a possibility to find love.
**Instead of getting upset when someone does not respond or ask you out on a second date, say: It was not meant to be, NEXT! A great mantra: I choose men that choose my wonderful self! And what can I learn from this to grow and put into place that would make a difference next time. Like learning more about online dating.
**Instead of saying to yourself: I am too _________to do online dating, say: There is a match for everyone and I am the woman of some man’s dreams. I am open and ready and willing to meet my perfect partner for me. I accept him into my life now easily and with grace.

Start to tell yourself a different story then you are telling yourself. You have a choice how you think and you have a choice of what story you want to tell yourself.