First you are not alone.  We have our private facebook community for women.   You can ask questions, share what you are going through and receive support.     You can join here:  join us here. 

Secondly, if you are currently going through a breakup in a relationship, I am sorry and I know how it feels.   I have through a few of them in my lifetime and it is hurtful and you can get through it with more ease and get through the other side of it with more empowerment.

  1. Don’t resist the pain. Go through the states of a loss.  Grief, Anger, Sadness.   Allow yourself to sit with those feelings vs trying to push them down, distract them or ignore them.  Cry, be with family and friends, and take time to heal.   Also journal about your emotions.

  2. Start off forgiving yourself.  You might be having regrets or judging yourself for making a mistake.   Be kind and have self compassion for yourself.   I like the quote from Maya Angelou – When You Know Better, You Do Better

  3. Forgive the other person so that you can heal and move on and not have resentment.  They are on their own journey.

  4. Take this time to reflect what you have learned from the relationship and what you might of done differently from a positive perspective.

  5. Don’t immediately jump back into another relationship.  I use to do that because I felt lonely, but it only ended up being a disaster because I was not ready to give to a relationship and ended up attracting the wrong kind of men.

  6. Cut off all communication with the Ex including social media, email and phone.  Allow this time for both of you to heal and maybe after months or a year you can be friends again.

  7. Watch your thoughts of despair and that you will never love again or be alone.   Replace it with I am focusing on me right now and healing.   This will pass.   I can’t always control what happens to me, but I can control how I respond.

  8. Take time for self care for whatever that is for you.  Massages, yoga, meditation, being with friends, hot baths, reading, walking in nature, or maybe take up a hobbie that you wanted to try.

  9. Get support from a professional to help you move through the process, heal and to start newly with empowerment.

Sending much hugs


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