I know during the holidays can be quite overwhelming.  We have a lot of emotions come up when we are single and being alone at this time.  I know the feeling all too well, spending most of my entire life single.   And there were some things I have done that helped me thrive during the holidays to just surviving them and I would like to share them with you.  Even just following one of these steps, will put you in better spirits.

  • Practice Gratitude of what you have now vs. what you don’t have. The gratitude of family and friends and just the little things of having a nice bed to sleep in or good food.   I know when there are times I feel down, just shifting to what I have, makes me feel better.
  • Plan a mini getaway for the day or two. Go to the Spa or a drive to the mountains or a friend you have not seen in a while.
  • Take care of you and give yourself a little nurturing. Curl up with a good book, blanket and glass of wine.  Take a nap.  Go shopping.  Give this extra time over the holidays to give back to yourself.
  • Buy a journal to write your feelings down and get them out. It really helps!  And also you can write down 3 things you are celebrating about yourself every day.   Honor You!
  • Start a new hobby, have fun, and a possibility of meeting new men–maybe rock climbing, skiing, a new Meetup.com event, or volunteer.
  • And for the family member that says: Are you still single? (just love that one, argh) Just know they are probably making conversation and you can remain empowered by saying, “Yes, I am really enjoying it”   Ha!

So, we can be in the moment, focus on being happy with what we have, and look forward to the possibilities of our future.   It just takes a little effort on your part to shift your thoughts.  We have the awareness of our feelings and we honor them and then e shift it a higher feeling of gratitude and joy for our wonderful lives and the beautiful woman that you are.

So comment below and tell me now – What are you grateful for?

Much love and gratitude to you for being in my life


Kim Quick