You can really tell a lot about a man’s online dating profile and how he communicates with via the emails.   You literally have to read in between the lines.  When I teach my clients about online dating, they can instantly see the red flags and move on to the next profile for the one that is amazing.   And this is done 3 seconds flat!  No more frustration and how it takes too long to do online dating.

So I am sharing some of my secrets here!

Pay attention to his tone.  Is his script negative and complaining?  It could be a sign he is jaded, not over his ex or he does not respect women.

Does it seem like he is just trying too hard?  The profile is dripping with airy fairy romance that seems too good to be true?  It probably is.  He could have some ulterior motive, scammer, player, or serial dater.

Is he very vague?  His profile seems very vague or he does not answer your questions in emails.   He could be hiding something about his ex, his finances or whatever else is going on in his life.

His profile is a novels that goes on and on and on – he is either so into himself and a narcissist or has a boring life and has nothing else better to do.
If he states that he is looking for friendship right now, stay clear.  He is not looking for a relationship.

Email Communication Red Flags:  

Sucking Your Time Man – The man that keeps dragging on with emails and never ask you out.   Call him out on it by saying:  I love these email conversations, lets take it further to the phone!
Mr. MIA – The man that emails you a couple of days and then pops up two weeks later.  Hello!  Where did you go?  You fell off the face of the earth.   Ditch him.
Mr. Casanova – “Hey, why don’t you come over to my house and I will make dinner.”  We know where this is going – one night stand man.   Sounds enticing, but no thank you.  I meet at a safe place for the first couple of dates.
Mr. Hacker:   He sends a link telling you that it is from and ends up hacking your account and sending bogus messages to dozens of online men like they are from you.   Don’t click on the link.
Mr. Come Here & Go Away Man:    He shows sincere interest with engaging emails and schedules to meet with you for cocktails and then an hour before the evening together wants to reschedule.  You give him a chance and then does it again.   First, I recommend to talk to men before meeting and secondly if a man has audacity to cancel one hour before your date and does not have a dire emergency excuse,  don’t go out with him again.  How a man treats you in the beginning, will tell you how they will treat you in the relationship.
Mr. Married Man:  They don’t post a photo, or they post a fake photo or the photo is clearly dated, dark or blurry (he doesn’t want anyone to recognize him.) They are unwilling to provide additional photos, claiming he doesn’t have current photos.
They will message you on a dating site and when you click on his profile to check him out, he has already hidden his profile so no one can see him. They pursue women who live in another state. He tells you he’s relocating to an area near you and that he’s getting a “jump-start” on his new social life. He’s plotting long-distance affairs to hide his infidelity.  Stay clear and be smart!

Online Dating can be a wonderful way to meet an amazing man.  I met my husband at the age of 46 on and my clients meet amazing men also.   Online Dating is a great tool, you just have to know how to use it effectively and be smart.
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Happy Online Dating!
Kim Quick
Dating and Relationship Expert