How are you doing?  Just thought I would check in and say hi.
The holidays can be hectic and fun being with family and friends,  and at the same time feel alone during this holiday season.   And this is normal.   Don’t judge the way you feel.  That just makes you feel worse.  I think it is best to just aknwolwedge – “yes, I feel lonely, and it is ok”   And it is temporary.
Just know that you could be just one date away from meeting the man of your dreams.  Take myself, that I was on for over 15 years and went on over 200 dates, and then bam, I go on one more date, and met my now husband.   So, enjoy your holidays and know it will happen soon.   So here are some little tips that you can make the most out of holidays:

1.   Make sure you take the time to meet  your friends for coffee or drinks.

2.   Schedule a spa day, manicure or whatever else has you feel good.

3.   Take up a new exercise – yoga, pilates, zumba – and exercise is good for increasing your endorphins.

4.   While you are out shopping, stop in and have a cup of coffee or a drink at a high end restaurant and who knows, there could be a single man feeling left out from the holidays too.

5.   Volunteering always makes me feel good.   And who knows, that special someone could be volunteering also!

6.  Also, this is a great time to try online dating with all the extra holiday time off or get ready to do online dating for the new year.  There will be a lot of good men out there starting online dating come January.  This is prime time!

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Many Blessings and Happy Holidays! Kim